• Mike Mike's 20th birthday

    Balloons are released in commemoration of what would've been Mike Brown's 20th birthday.

    Cherish Turner, 11, with the Get Fit Dance Crew, shows off at a birthday party in honor of Mike Brown.

    A crowd surrounds Michael Brown Sr. as attendees get ready to release balloons.

    Calvin "Cap" Kennedy, with Chosen for Change, reads to children at the start of the party.

    Mike Hassell, with Chosen for Change, hugs Joshua Anderson, with the Get Fit Crew, during a dance off.

    Dashawn Moore, 8, places toy glasses on Michael Brown Sr. during a birthday party held in honor of Mike Brown.

    Marcellus Buckley, with Chosen for Change, comforts Trinetta Walker, Michael Brown Sr.'s daughter, after attendees released balloons.

    Dashawn Moore, 8, raises his fist in the air as a drone takes a picture of partygoers at a 20th birthday celebration for Mike Brown.